Monticello 6th Graders Visit
Blackhawk Technical College
Here she demonstrates how to check the range of motion.  She moves the different body parts and explains what should happen and what it is called.  For the neck she checks flexion, extension, hyperextension, right and left rotation, and right and left lateral flextion.  She also demonstrated the shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, hip knee, ankle and toes.
The students are listening to their heartbeats using a stethoscope.  They also used an instrument that clipped onto their finger, which told them their heart rate and their oxygen rate.  Some of the students also did some running in place to see how the read-out would change.
They were also shown how the Medi-Lifter works and saves the backs of the people that need to move the patients.  It was also explained that it is not good for a patient to stay in the same position for too long of a time.
Photos by Lori Berg
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