The Monticello Historical Society 
P.O. Box 463 
Monticello, WI., 53570

There is a great satisfaction in looking back at our heritage.  It was a treat to cross a covered bridge, walk down a shady lane or celebrate the Fourth of July with a picnic.  Events like barn raisings and threshing mean't sweat and hard work.........

Praise for the Drizzle was fast coming from the European, Aleutian, and Pacific battle zones, warships in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, bases in Iran and India, training bases scattered throughout the United States, and even from coastal shipyards where defense workers from our area labored to create the tools of war.

Nicholas Gerber  He came to Green County, Wisconsin with his Swiss work ethic and knowledge of the New York Yankee form of merchandising.  It led to the success of the cheese industry. He was the one who nurtured the infant cheese factory business through its growing up years.

The Monticello Area Historical Society was begun in 1995 with the purpose of saving the  history of our area for future generations. Much of our history was moving into landfills and garage sales.  More was just deteriorating in attics and basements. 
Our purpose, then, is to convince people to place items in our custody so that we may catalog and preserve all manner of items that indicate how we and our ancestors arrived at this point in time and space. 

The original Drizzle book and the the new "To You Who Answered the Call"
Drizzle Photo Supplement are for sale.  The Drizzle is $20.00 per copy and the new book is $30.00. Add $3.00 for postage and handling for orders that are mailed.  All proceeds from the book sales go to support the activities of the Monticello Area Historical Society.   The new book can be purchased at the Bank of Monticello and the M&M Café.  You can also order directly  by calling 938-4602 or writing to:  Roger Dooley, 231 S. Garfield, Monticello, WI, 53570.  Checks should be made out to MAHS or Monticello Area Historical Society.  If you prefer to order through the historical society you can write to the official address:  Monticello Area Historical Society, P.O. Box 463, Monticello, WI., 53570.

The new book is 81/2 x 11", soft-cover, 338 pages.  It contains photos of 114 of Monticello's WW-2 veterans as well as additional photos provided by the veterans or their families.  The text ranges from the prison camp diary of Harold Babler, memoirs of various other vets, clippings from the Monticello Messenger and in some cases excerpts from the original Drizzle book.

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